Irrigation in Utah County

Watering Lawns and Landscapes in Utah County


Even with all the rapleasant grove lawn and landscapein we’ve seen this year, residents and businesses in Utah County have begun irrigating their lawns and landscapes.  Because we live in a desert with limited water resources, it is important to make efficient use of the water we do have.  Visit our irrigation page to learn more about how you can be water wise.


It’s important to realize that most homeowners and businesses in Utah actually over-water their lawns in an attempt to maintain a lush, green appearance.  However, when it comes to watering landscapes, more is usually NOT better.  Too much water can lead to unwanted disease, increase the required mowing and pruning, and add a significant amount to your water bill.

alpine lawn and landscape

Here are some tips and guides by the Utah Division of Water Resources to help you save water and money while taking care of your landscape.

Utah Lawn Watering Guide

Outdoor Watering Guide Infographic

Landscape Irrigation Tips

Why Save Water Infographic

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