Irrigation in Utah County

Watering Lawns and Landscapes in Utah County   Even with all the rain we’ve seen this year, residents and businesses in Utah County have begun irrigating their lawns and landscapes.  Because we live in a desert with limited water resources, it is important to make efficient use of the water we do have.  Visit our […]

Lawn Care

Choose the right lawn care practices to ensure a healthy and beautiful lawn. As the fun and sun of the growing season approaches in Utah County, homeowners should not forget proper lawn care practices.  The care provided to your lawn now will significantly impact how it looks when you invite your friends and family over […]

Shrub Pruning

Many homeowners have questions about shrub pruning.  When do I prune shrubs?  How much do I prune from a shrub?  Where do I make pruning cuts?  While there is not an exact answer that works for every situation, there are some general pruning principles to follow that will help improve the health and appearance of […]

Spring Garden Checklist

With the warm weather we’ve had in Utah County this year, many gardeners and homeowners are thinking about their gardens and yards.  It is important to remember not to jump the gun on some things.  Yes, I’ve been one of those who planted tomatoes in March because I couldn’t contain myself.  Save yourself some time […]