Lawn Fertilization

A good lawn fertilization program is key to a healthy, beautiful yard.

lawn fertilizationMany people have questions about fertilizing their lawns and gardens. What do I use? How much? When do I apply it?

The answer is often “It depends.” Unfortunately, many people approach lawn fertilization with the attitude “more is better”. Homeowners often apply too much fertilizer and they do it too frequently. This contributes to a number of problems including: thick thatch, shallow roots, insect pests, weeds, diseases, pollution, and extra mowing requirements.

At Alpine Lawn & Landscape, we prefer to first perform a soil test to evaluate the individual needs of your lawn or garden. This allows us to create a customized fertilizer program for your landscape to keep it in optimal condition. It also helps us remain environmentally conscientious, while saving you money on unnecessary fertilizer applications.

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