Qualified Water-Efficient Landscaper (QWEL)


We can help you save water.  (Helping protect the environment and your bank account.)

Utah’s water resources are precious and are being stretched increasingly thin. As our population and demand for resources grow, it is becoming difficult to keep up with that demand.

Alpine Lawn and Landscape is committed to using our water resources pleasant grove lawn and landscapewisely and has taken the step to become a Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper through the QWEL Utah program (QWEL). We will  help you develop a plan to utilize water efficiently on your property.

It will start with a free water check through the Utah State Extension.

Once we know what your personal water use is, we can help minimize it by repairing any damage to your sprinkler system, completing sprinkler and timing adjustments, and helping you find plants that require less water while retaining the look of beauty that you desire for your property.

Call us and see what we can do to help you utilize Utah’s water resources wisely.  (801) 717-YARD (9273)