Spring Garden Checklist

With the warm weather we’ve had in Utah County this year, many gardeners and homeowners are thinking about their gardens and yards.  It is important to remember not to jump the gun on some things.  Yes, I’ve been one of those who planted tomatoes in March because I couldn’t contain myself.  Save yourself some time and money by avoiding these mistakes.

With those cautions in mind, here is a spring garden checklist of things that you can do to get a head start on your garden and landscape this year.

Spring garden checklist of things to do (or avoid) in the early Spring to give your garden a jump-start.
spring garden checklist

spring garden checklist

  • Clean up old leaf litter and vegetable matter.  Remove any remaining material from last year’s perennials.
  • Apply a pre-emergent weed control product to shrub and flower beds.  Remember that you will not want to apply this anywhere you will want to plant seeds, as they will not grow.  Many weeds will begin germinating early with the weather and most pre-emergents will last 3 to 4 months.  Now is the perfect window.
  • Prune fruit trees before new growth begins.
  • Prune shrubs.  Double check on the flowering schedule of shrubs.  Early-blooming shrubs are best pruned after blooming each year.
  • Avoid fertilizing your lawn too early or too much.  Do a soil test to determine needed fertilizers.
  • Avoid turning on your lawn sprinklers too early.  By slightly water-stressing your lawn in the spring, your grass will sink its roots deeper, reducing water needs later in the year.
  • Perform a check on your irrigation system to detect any damage.  Make repairs and adjust the system.
  • Call your local USU Extension Office for the date to begin spraying apple and pear trees to control codling moths and prevent worms in the fruit.
  • If you have birch or ash trees, call your local USU Extension Office to ask about control of the bronze birch borer and the ash borer.
  • Check USU Pest Advisory to get a head start on controlling garden pests.
  • Begin planning out this year’s garden and flower beds.  Take some time to enjoy daydreaming about your garden and researching the types of plants that will do well in your yard and provide the enjoyment you desire.  Allan M. Armitage has some great books on annuals and perennials.

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